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Spinal Arthritis



Also called facet joint arthritis, spinal arthritis is common as we get older. If you have back pain, back stiffness, or soreness along your spine, a spine specialist will be able to determine if arthritis could be the cause.


In addition to age, you may be at a higher risk of developing spinal arthritis if you have a family history of arthritis, a previous joint injury, or you are overweight.

The development of spinal arthritis is typically a slow process that can include:

  • A breakdown of the cartilage in the facet joints, which link together the spine’s vertebrae
  • The development of bone spurs, abnormal bony growths, on the vertebrae

If you are experiencing back pain, stiffness or soreness for more than several days it may be time to see a spine specialist.


Fortunately, if your spine doctor diagnoses you with arthritis, there are several approaches to managing the pain. Rarely is surgery a good option for arthritis treatment. Dr. Jones may go through a series of recommendations that can help reduce the back pain caused by spinal arthritis, including:

Some of the most common non-surgical spinal arthritis therapies include:

  • Occasional use of over the counter medications such as NSAIDs, naproxen, or ibuprofen.
  • Low-impact exercise. A set of exercises can be given for you to perform at home and/or a physical therapist can be recommended.
  • Rest
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Lifestyle adjustments. This may be specific to posture while at work or while sleeping.
  • Massage. This can help reduce osteoarthritis pain in the spine, improve circulation, and reduce muscle tension and spasms. If possible, find a professional who is specifically trained in treating people with arthritis.

It’s important to remember that what may work for one patient may not for another. Dr. Jones will work with you to go through the options for treating your arthritis and maintaining your quality of life with as little pain as possible. Call or request an appointment online at our office in Pearland or in Bellaire.

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